How Our Team Gives Back

Our Corporate Responsibility strategy is founded on three key pillars: Business Ethics and Values, Sustainability and being a good Community Partner through our ongoing support of local communities across Canada. As part of our legacy of giving, we donate to and partner with many charities, organizations, initiatives and causes every year. We're equally proud to empower our teams to volunteer in their communities and give back.

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As a commitment to our guests, employees, shareholders and future generations, Cineplex endeavours to be a leading example in corporate environmental sustainability by minimizing the impact our operations have on the communities in which we operate. Guided by our cross-functional Environmental Sustainability Committee, Cineplex is taking active steps through three inter-connected environmental issues: Waste Management, Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Materials.
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Waste Management

Cineplex reduces the amount of waste generated at its theatres, location-based entertainment venues and corporate offices by increasing its landfill diversion rate, participating in recycling programs, ensuring the safe disposal of electronic waste, and more.
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Energy Efficiency

Cineplex has many programs in place, including LED lighting retrofits and building automation systems, that improve the energy efficiency at its venues. Through our Canopy Planet-Endorsed Paper Procurement Policy, Cineplex has reduced overall emissions by preserving ancient forests and using recycled paper where possible.
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Eco-Friendly Materials

Cineplex prioritizes the purchasing of eco-friendly goods and services, and regularly reviews the materials it uses throughout its operations. Through efforts like ensuring the drinking straws are paper-based, Cineplex strives to limit harmful chemicals in the products it uses and offers, whether it be packaging, receipts or cleaning supplies.

Partner In The Arts

Cineplex has a long history of donating to and partnering with the Canadian entertainment and media industries. We shine a spotlight on Canadian storytellers through our support of upwards of 35 local and community-based film festivals every year, from Newfoundland to British Columbia. Cineplex also proudly partners with prominent Canadian arts institutions like the Canadian Film Centre, Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, Hot Docs, imagineNATIVE, Reel Canada, Canada's Walk of Fame, The Black Academy and the Canadian Picture Pioneers. Some of our partners include...

Accessibility At Our Venues

We strive to make our offices, theatres and entertainment venues accessible to everyone, whether it be a guest, employee or partner. This commitment is, first and foremost, about doing the right thing—and Cineplex is proud of its position as a Canadian retail leader in accessibility.

We offer programs that accommodate guests who are deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, visually impaired or who live with physical or mobility challenges. A proud partner and one of the founders of the Access 2 program, Cineplex also works closely with Autism Speaks Canada to present Sensory Friendly Screenings at select theatres across the country.

Business Ethics And Values

The Cineplex team and its Board of Directors are committed to good governance and sustainable growth, guided by its corporate values of Teamwork, Innovation and Excellence, and its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and its Supplier Code of Conduct.

The latter sets forth the principles and high standards that we expect from our suppliers and partners. This includes:
• Ethical business practices
• Responsible sourcing of its products
• Responsible subcontracting
• Responsible information security and adherence to best practices in privacy
• Maintenance of human rights and labour standards
• Provision of safe and healthy work environments
• Good stewardship
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Donations and Sponsorships

In addition to our support for the arts and film festivals across Canada, as well as our employees regularly volunteering locally, Cineplex is also proud to sponsor and donate in support of countless events and important causes in communities across the country every year. If your organization or group is looking for assistance, or if you're from a registered Canadian charity and would like Cineplex to support your upcoming event, please visit our donations page.

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