Donations And Sponsorships

Charitable donations

Cineplex is dedicated to being a good partner in the communities where we live, work and play. Over the years, our company, its employees and partners have helped donate tens of millions of dollars to non-profit charity organizations across the country, including the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and Food Banks Canada. If your organization or team is seeking sponsorship or donations, or if you're from a registered Canadian charity and would like Cineplex to support your upcoming event, please send a detailed request to at least eight weeks in advance for consideration.

Local charities

Our employees across the country have their finger on the pulse on their communities and regularly support local events to benefit the neighborhoods Cineplex operates in and beyond. When our fellow Canadian communities need it most, we assist them in a crisis by leveraging our network of theatres, venues and offices to help fundraise for humanitarian organizations like the Canadian Red Cross.